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     I know that it seems like I've been off planet for some time now, and, as it is, there's more than a small measure of truth in this.  While I think that a part of it is the move to my new apartment, I know that there is more I need to figure.  In the meantime, rest assured that I'm still here on good ol' planet Earth!

     As for picture taking ... until I make a posting about Friday's "secret project" here're a few images not-so-randomly plucked from my "Review" folder:

- News of the Day -


     A few years ago my nephew, Jon, introduced me to one of the most beautful and equally fascinating of Ohio's "hidden treasures."  You'll have to learn for yourself why the staircase descending into this grotto is considered both an artistic and architectural masterpiece!

     This was sent to me by a former classmate, and, I think, is from a yearbook I never got to see because Pa was transfered to another posting.

     Me, either 1967 or 1968, at John F. Kennedy High on the island of Guam.  I remember the hat and my buds, but details of that day escape my memory!

     Same isolated hunk of volcanic rock in the vast Pacific Ocean, same me.  Despite the in some ways unique heartaches and disruptions that come as part of  life as "military dependent personnel," at least now I appreciate how incredibly lucky I was!