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     Forecast was for a morning of -18°f air temperature and record breaking wind-chill.  Chad called, "John and I are going down to the lighthouse to take pictures of the sea smoke, want to join us?"  For those of you residing in warmer regions, double-digit negative temperatures are relatively easy to deal with, whereas wind-chill equivalents such as the -45•f we were to encounter, no matter  how thoughough the preparation, are never anything but deadly.  John snapped a picture of me decked out in my "I've got to be insane" outfit.

- Sea Smoke -


I'll not admit to being a teensy-tiny bit ol**er than I once was, but while John and Chad descended the rocky bluffs to find unusual vantage points for their imaging (this would end up including Chad wading in the sea) I decided to remain on more level ground.  I captured a pleasing image of the Ram Island Light enveloped in sea smoke.

We also made a visit to the Spring Point Ledge Light.

A great morning, even if it did take most of the afternoon to thaw out!

In other news, I completed my "dining room" table this evening!  I don't like cluttered space, so I designed this to keep my living area as open as possible.  I'm pleased with how it turned out!